The Shift to knowledge era is happening now

Sandra Balažiková

The Shift is significant

whether it concerns interpersonal or business relationships. New technologies have a significant impact on how we work, how we learn and how we interact with the outside world. Time is running faster, the language is changing, new abbreviations in online communication can be observed, which may challenge previous generations. We have a great deal of information, just one click way.

We work in ultra-flexible working hours, in virtual teams worldwide, we overcome time differences and can be online 24/7. We have a wide range of knowledge, constantly updated data, so we have a broad reach and we can make quick decisions in multiple spheres. Technology is making our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. We need to challenge our approach work life balance, to rethink over our values. The growing number of our dependency on smartphones may lead to depression, anxiety or other problems.

Does the digital world need libraries?

I think we are living our future now. We can use smart glasses to see the latest news or information that will be needed or important to us. Current technologies have significantly changed the methodology of education. You can study a renowned university online (using your mobile device, computer, webcam or headset) without having met classmates and professors. The form of knowledge acquisition changed.

We searched for libraries to acquire new information. Today, you can acquire any information you may need. We are overloaded with information. One of the greatest challenges today is to learn how to manage all that data. How to select information. How to spot the "real" or fake stories.

Social Media changed the way we communicate

We had the Millennials generation group on our summer program. This generation grew up with digital communication. As more and more millennials grow into management roles in the workplace, I expect social media will become a professional norm of communication within the companies.

I have been responsible for education and marketing communication in online sales at world leading IT company. I had the opportunity to see an increasingly powerful trend that millennials love to participate in is leaving honest feedback for products and services. Social media plays a huge role in spreading information and consumer interests. Companies shall develop social media education for their employees, to be digitally prepared and to get the competitive edge.

Content matters

In today's overload of information, nobody has time for endless presentations and documents. A short video that conveys the main message is much more effective and stunning than a trilogy document.

We introduced the "Knowledge nuggets". Short, concise videos where we have precisely summarized the background information. This save hours that your colleagues have to spend, for example, through online training. Don't forget the create the opportunity to learn and grow .